Volunteering is a Great Way to Gain Experience

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Volunteering is a great way to gain experience!

LATSA Director Adrian Leadbeater attended and volunteered at the IIBA Lean Business Analysis event in September. He has been a keen volunteer of this best practice organisation for at least 10 years. Adrian volunteers for these events because he says that he wants to give something back to the local BA community. Also because there is something new to learn. Adrian also believes that what makes a good rounded BA professional is someone that participates in all forms of learning.

Business Analysts (BA) must learn from hands-on experience and Adrian would say that you don’t need to be doing a BA role to obtain BA experience. So, there is no excuse for saying “I can’t be a BA because no one will give me an opportunity!”. All roles within businesses could potentially be benefiting from applying BA best practices to their job. So, don’t hold back!

Adelaide has an IIBA Branch of this is international organisation that has Chapters and Branches all around the world. They deliver training content and best practice material to support BAs. The core of the best practice guidance is the BA Book of Knowledge BABOK® version 3. Anyone can become a member of the IIBA community and then volunteer in a way that suits their own specific needs. The more effort you put into your membership, the more you personally get back.

Just as important is that BAs need formal training. At LATSA we are an Endorsed Education Provider for the IIBA. We offer 8 foundation courses that cover all knowledge areas of BABOK® version 3. This provides Business Analysts, of all levels, guidance on best practices, techniques and different analysis perspectives.

Contact us at LATSA and we can support you on the journey.

By Lachlan Mollison and Adrian Leadbeater

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