To assist you in understanding ITIL Audits the maturity of your existing ICT capability, our auditors utilise an ITIL Maturity Model Tool allowing the following:

  • Insight into your ‘as is’ capability
  • Enables more effective design of your IT Service Delivery Model
  • Creates a baseline for continual improvement
  • Enables benchmarking of your performance against other organisations

The assessment is focused on identifying the strengths, weaknesses and risks associated with your IT Service Delivery Model. It determines to what extent your current practices are effective in achieving both business and process goals.  Each process is given a CMMI® rating to establish a baseline and recommendations are provided on how to improve your IT Service Delivery Model.

ITIL Audits

The benefits of IPX Check providing an ITSM Maturity Assessment are as follows:

  • Create a baseline of ‘as is’ ITSM capability
  • Identify key areas for improvement in the form of immediate quick wins
  • Identify risks to your ITSM services and your customers due to people, process and technology issues and to identify appropriate risk mitigations
  • Enable the IT service provider to prepare for ISO/IEC 20000 certification

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