We’re delighted to be offer CSIA Certified Auditing that’s certified by the Control Systems Integrator Association (CSIA) as one of three companies globally to conduct audits for certified CSIA members; ensuring best practice and continual improvement for the automation and control system industry.

CSIA Certified

The CSIA’s goal is to enhance business performance for the whole automation and system integration industry. Organisations that engage CSIA certified members know that they are being audited by Independent Third Parties who check your business processes and maturity from strategy and vision to the way in which you ensure your customers receive an outstanding solution every time.

Our auditors Tom Sulda and Barry Anderson come with decades of expert knowledge of the Automation and control system industry. Apart from end to end business process experience specific to systems integration businesses, Barry is considered an expert on estimation, commercial contracts, and process efficiency and Tom on Project Management, Electrical and Software Engineering including Cybersecurity.

As independent consultants and certified trainers, we have successfully analysed and implemented business process transformations. We have felt your pain and understand the challenges you face each and every day.

If you have been audited by another certified auditing company in the past, please consider engaging us as a set of fresh eyes.

If you are considering certification for the first time, we will be pleased to assist you on your journey to best practice via continual and incremental improvement.

What’s Involved in an Audit:

A CSIA Certification Audit first involves a genuine desire by you to improve the way you do business and to sustainably grow both revenue and profits. One great place to start is to attend the two-day certification workshop before the start of one of the CSIA’s executive conferences held in April/May each year. Here you can learn all about the sections of the standard and the kind of information auditors’ look for during a certification audit. You will walk out of the workshop with a list of prioritised gaps in your processes to focus on and an excellent idea of the work you will need to do in preparation for a certification audit. If you would like some outside assistance in preparation for an audit we offer these services and ensure that the vital separation between consulting and auditing is in place.

Depending on your size a certification an inital audit normally takes around two days. The great thing about a best practices and benchmarks audit is that you are scored against each section of the standard and you can compare yourself against a cohort of similar sized CSIA businesses across the globe. This is one of the most a unique and valuable aspects of a CSIA audit in comparison to other more generic standards like ISO.

The Benefits of being CSIA certified are vast and our Audits will ensure that continual improvement is a natural part of your operations, please call or e-mail us to discuss or book your audit, we offer this service globally.

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