Effective corporate governance is not just compliance, it’s accepting a pivotal role in driving organisational performance.

The people, processes, structures, and technology governing an organisation have the ultimate impact on its success.

There is no single governance framework that will work for every organisation; for this reason, LATSA’s approach to governance is tailored and flexible.

We regularly consult to and therefore have a strong appreciation of the context and requirements for government, not-for-profit, commercial, industrial and enterprise entities; it is this experience which helps us optimise governance based on size, structure, sector, and the operating environment.

LATSA views the cultural aspects of governance with great interest; boards, executives and leadership teams need to be unified, able to join a multiplicity of experience and views, while maintaining effective group decision making methods.

LATSA has the expertise which supports boards to develop towards high performance teams, thus strengthening board value through their governance role.

Performance and Corporate Governance Services:

  • Review and recommendation of governance effectiveness
  • Review and development of governance policies and procedures
  • Board performance planning and assessment
  • Role clarity for board and executive teams (RACI)
  • Design and talent acquisition of board and committee structures
  • Group decision-making skills in a governance setting
  • CEO performance reviews and performance structures

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