Passing the APMG Agile exams!

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Having a Degree in Business (marketing), and an MBA, it is fair to say I have sat my share of challenging exams!

Taking the AgileBA and AgilePM exams in the last months was a real eye opener, the “practitioner” exams are really challenging. Passing these is exams not only demonstrates knowledge but ability to focus and dedicate one self to the Agile and Business Analysis methodologies.

So how did i get through:


  1. I turned off my phone and engaged with the Latsa instructor (Tom was fantastic)
  2. In the evenings I did the required and recommended reading and sample exams


  1. I read the question and made certain I fully understood it before reviewing the possible answers
  2. I did not over think the answers
  3. I left a question behind if it was “unsolvable” only to return to it with my best attempt at the end

All in all a thoroughly worthwhile investment and yes I have more tools to excel at work now!

Check out AgileBA and AgilePM

Alex Sinclair

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