Investing in Transferable Skills is Enlightened Leadership

Investing in transferable skills

Latsa met with a potential client who is interested in AgilePM certification for personal development their teams. Their aim is to enable the organisation and teams to continually improve their project governance and delivery. However it was not just about the organisations project delivery.

The manager fully expects the team members to move on to different departments or organisations in the future. A certification in an industry recognised project management methodology is an excellent way to develop new skills to apply now and also skills that will be transferable in the future. This demonstrates the managers commitment to the personal development of the team members beyond their time with the organisation. The discussion then turned to customisation of the course to fit the context of the organisation to provide best value along with certification.

Good leaders invest in their people to enable them to effectively deliver results now. Investing in transferable project management skills such as AgilePM, AgileBA, Prince2, Change Management is what I call enlightened leadership.

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