How many project management certifications is too many?


How many project management certifications is to many?

When I finished my Masters in Project Management I thought I would not need to do any other PM certification. I did not think I would stop learning, we all continuously need to learn and change. My Masters should have trumped all else and I would not need another formal certification.

Boy was I wrong!

After spending the majority of 2017 job hunting I found that most job adds wanted specific project management certifications. Very few asked for a degree or post grad degrees in project management. PMP, PRINCE2 and Scrum Master were the most commonly requested or required certifications.

Since then I have I come across the question –

” Would you trust a mechanic with only one wrench in his toolkit to fix your car?”

I take this to mean that it takes many different tools to get the job done. Also you need a wide variety of tools to be able to be flexible and “Agile” to do varied jobs. In addition you need to know what specialized tools are required for what job.

If we think about this in project management terms it means you need to know and understand traditional water fall and agile methods. You also need to know how to use them in combination to delver a “hybrid” method project. You cannot apply the correct method to a project if you do not know about all the options.

Therefore you need to have a wide range of project management certifications to be a knowledgeable, flexible and trusted professional project manager.

This applies just as well in the business analysis profession that shares many overlaps with project management. You can not provide the most appropriate analysis and project options if you only know one method of analysis. You will not accurately represent the current state, future states and requirements with one method, you need many tools.

So I now see that you can not have too many certifications and my formal training and learning will continue.

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Lachlan Mollison – LATSA General Manager and collector of certifications

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