Estimation Principles and Management

Course Overview

This interactive two-day Estimation Principles and Management training course is highly recommended for first time Estimators, experienced Estimators and Managers of Estimators.

Day One focus is Estimation Principles which looks at processes, systems and tools to gain a better appreciation of “How to win more work efficiently”.

Using the project that has been built up from day one, the day Two focus is Estimation Management which looks at management interactions, decision making and ongoing improvements to gain a better appreciation of “Quoting for successful outcomes”.

Participants will receive interactive sharing of knowledge based on over 30 years of experience.

The presentation of sound principals, processes and tools will allow the participants to be more effective in their roles.

Course Outline

Download Estimation Principles and Management Outline pdf

Day 1

Skills Gained

  • Understand principles of Pre-Tender Evaluation (Go / No Go)
  • Analyse Tender Requirements
  • Understand principles of Risk based approach to estimation
  • Construct quotations using “Bottom Up” approach
  • Understand principles of “Top Down” approach
  • Understand basic Contract principles
  • Understand the basics of a good proposal document

Day 2

Skills Gained

  • Understand effective Pre-Tender Evaluations (Go / No Go)
  • Understand how to manage Contractual issues and what to look for
  • Understand why and how to decline to tender effectively
  • Understand how to set guiding principles for a proposal
  • Understand how to effectively review a proposal
  • Understand how to learn from a lost tender

Principles Key Topics

  • Pre-Tender Evaluation
    • Risk / Opportunity
    • Go / No Go
    • Tools
  • Tender Analysis
    • Scoping
    • Risk / Opportunity Template
    • Approach
    • Contract Basics
  • Tender Construction
    • Take Off Tools
    • Approach to notes
    • Proposal templates
    • Risk & Opportunity Allowances
    • Contingency Allowances
    • Overheads
    • Profit
  • Tender Review
    • Review Process
    • Preparation for review
    • Submission to Client

Management Key Topics

  • Pre-Tender Evaluation
    • Effective Go / No Go reviews
    • Effective tools to assist decision making
    • Management of Contractual issues
  • Decline to Tender
    • Approaches to decline without offense
    • Educate the client about your business
  • Tender Analysis
    • Review of Estimator’s analysis
    • Setting guiding principles for the Proposal
  • Tender Review & Submission
    • Review format and templates
    • Norms and their usage
    • Clarifications
    • Risk & Opportunity Allowances
    • Contingency Allowances
    • Overheads
    • Profit
    • War Chest
  • Client Review
    • Preparation / process
  • Lost Tender Review
    • Process
    • Tools
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Lessons Learnt
    • Process to incorporate learnings


  • None

Targeted Audience

  • Estimators
  • Estimation Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers


  • None

Class Sizing and Delivery Mode

  • Minimum/Maximum participants per class 4 to 14
  • On your site or off site instructor led training.
  • 2 Days

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