Artificial Intelligence Vs AgileBA

  • 10th August 2017
  • News
  • Alex Sinclair

AI and Automation – Will AgileBA’s and AgilePM’s be required in the future – ABSOLUTELY!

In recent media, the topic of whether or not your job will exist in a not so distant future world where advanced Artificial Intelligence and Automated solutions exist is being debated.

If you’re a business analyst your skills will be in even greater demand because any human facing solution advanced or otherwise, will always need requirements to be elicited, managed and ultimately matched to appropriate technical solutions.

Requirements are at the core  of any project’s scope. Therefore project managers working in an AgilePM environment as servant leaders with high levels of Emotional Intelligence will continue to be essential.

If you want to be prepared for this future I predict that certification as an AgileBA or AgilePM will be a central qualification that employers will both value and be critically looking for. I’m proud that at LATSA we have the globally certified training options for our customers in this brave new world!

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