AgilePM tailored training courses vs the commodity AgilePM

AgilePM tailored training

AgilePM tailored training vs the commodity AgilePM.

Imagine a client that is up to their neck in project pain! A mission critical operational system is far from meeting the business needs, and the end to the pain is nowhere in site. Desperate times call for courageous leaders and our client recognised they needed to transform and build capability. Enter LATSA.

To our client’s surprise we recommended that they should not pursue a standard AgilePM training and certification course as so many do; We recommended they pursue a tailored and immersive project specific training/coaching program that also prepared the team for certification.

LATSA stuck with its client guiding and assisting beyond the initial engagement programme, today the client we love recognised the project outcome with a simple thank you > The go live project was a tremendous success and demonstrated the power of AgilePM.

The moral of the story is that if you expect a “commoditised” Agile course that one of the many “bums on seats” training providers offer as a silver bullet think again it rarely works!

Engaging LATSA practitioners who enjoy training almost as much as delivering true business benefit, well that works every time!

My greatest respect and admiration goes out to our 17 quality instructors/practitioners who offer this level of services as their normal!

Are you looking for thorough, tailored AgilePM® in-house training? LATSA can deliver comprehensive solutions aligned with the AgilePM® methodology.


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