Using your AgileBA Superpowers this Xmas


Could you be using your AgileBA Superpowers at home this Xmas?

As the Xmas period rolls around for some of us our feelings toward it can vary from pure joy and excitement all the way to sheer dread! 

If not on Xmas day itself, some of us will find ourselves in the company of people we would not normally seek out for convivial company during other times of the year. We are often brought together in Xmas gatherings where we might be grinding our teeth in advance since, “so and so will be there and remember how rude he or she was to your mother last year?”

You could of course stay at home and isolate yourself from all the potential drama, but then you would be missing the opportunity to be with people you love and care deeply for.

Let’s contrast that with work and working as a Business Analyst. Even if you’re not a BA we don’t often get to choose who we work with. If you’re in a permanent role you will of course be mostly working with the same group each and every day. If you’re a contractor, you may literally be with hundreds of stakeholders each year. Outstanding BA’s bring to bear their superpowers everyday work.

The AgileBA Superpowers

  • High levels of emotional intelligence
  • A real interest in actively listening and seeking to understand perceptions and business requirements in a non-judgemental way
  • Out of gathered requirements, a personal drive to work with others to find the best solution to a problem. That is, definitely not their solution to the problem
  • Encouraging open discussions and collaborative testing and feedback to iteratively meet the needs of most stakeholders
  • An ability to detach themselves from any personal, power or political games being played
  • Whilst their opinions may not resonate with yours its’ still important to them
  • Leadership, progress and harmonious change are about creating joint visions, shared expectations but definitely not division 

And of course, that list could go on and on.

Using the Superpowers For Good

Now have a look at the items in italics in the list again and put yourself at the Xmas get-together with someone you may not particularly like or even respect right now. I think you might find that some of the superpowers above would be very helpful to deal with some potentially uncomfortable situations. You even might be surprised to find that whilst you still didn’t particularly like someone, you have come to respect them in a way that was completely unexpected.

When we teach our business analyst students the art of Agile BA and Writing Successful Business Cases you wouldn’t be surprised that we often use role playing to illustrate the power and criticality of these soft skills. When our sister consulting company ASTAL engages our consultant BA’s, we like to see that AgileBA training is at the top of their credentialled list!

From all of us a LATSA we sincerely wish all of our partners and customers past, present and future a joyous and safe Xmas and New Year.

Tom Sulda – Lead Trainer

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