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LATSA supports local councils, state and federal governments as well as the commercial, industrial and enterprise markets. We provide a suite of management consulting and certified/customised project and process management training services.

We value a partnering relationship with our customers and we bring certainty and experience coupled with globally recognised best practice in training and consulting.

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We offer three broad approaches to assist you in any business transformation endeavour

Your strategy is established, your business needs to augment the existing team to execute and realise the business benefit of the strategy

LATSA supplies and aligns the right team members until your business has it covered!

You have an established strategy that requires “pressure testing” before actioning

LATSA’s team can support you in strategy design, requirements analysis, business case development and project execution to enable strategic realisation

You have a vision that requires the detail of a strategy, associated business case/s including programmatic detail

LATSA’s team can augment the effort required to collaboratively carry out strategy design and execution as may be required


soap (strategy on a page)

try of our free strategy building tool.

you can benefit from developing a business strategy whatever the size of your business. gain greater clarity, focus and direction for your business.

From Traditional, Hybrid and Agile Project Management to IT management systems, cyber security and estimation essentials; LATSA offers courses covering curricular and unique certification paths as well as business customised delivery.

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